Reasons Dave is Awesome

While we were visiting Jill over Christmas break, she bought new picture frames for her living room shelves. One morning before Jill woke up, Dave and I replaced the stock photos that came with the frames with a series of these black-and-white selfies. 

Right now there are two reasons Dave is awesome:

He does […]

    Thursday happenings

    -Cammy has begun getting up earlier than necessary, taking a shower and getting ready for school– then going back to sleep so that he almost misses his bus every morning. Today I calmly explained the ineffectiveness of this model, expecting  his usual early-morning, surly-teenager response. Cam surprised me by saying cheerfully, “Hmmm….. I hear […]

      This is going to work out, no problem.


      Addie J told me this morning that, for Halloween this year, she’d like to be an ostrich. (Last year she brought up the ostrich, and when I encouraged her to think of something else, she said maybe a ferret. This is what I’m dealing with here.) “The ostrich is my spirit animal,” […]


        GABBY: Mom, is your mixtape fuego?

        JULIE: ……Yes. My mixtape is totally fuego.

        GABBY: Awesome!!

        -So I might have just agreed to do something I don’t want to do? Or signed a confession because I didn’t understand the language? Help me out here.

          If something offends you, what do you do?

          My undergraduate alma mater is at the center of this controversy, wherein an adjunct professor was fired from his teaching and his janitorial positions at the school after several messy layers of potential academic censorship and allegations of sexual harassment. None of what happened is clear to me, and since I have no information […]

            Friday Morning Conversations

            JULIE: Gabby, did you finish your Edmodo thing?

            GABBY: …. um…..

            JULIE: Gabz! You told me days ago that you would do it!

            GABBY: Mom, it doesn’t have to be complete until tonight. It takes two seconds anyway.

            JULIE: What? You want to wait until the last minute to complete something because you think […]

              Hulk Smash: Cameron Edition

              I picked up Cam from school today and, as he walked into the house ahead of me, I noticed that his pants– which almost touched the ground when I bought them in the fall– were now approaching his ankles. “Are you growing, again?” I said. “Come stand in the mirror with me.” And indeed, […]

                An ongoing office supplies obsession.


                Still feel like I don’t have enough…..

                Is anyone else so obsessed with say, jumbo-size 6×8 Post-It notes, that they sought out a source and coerced the secretary of their department to order them in bulk? And is now considering hoarding them all in a seldom-used file drawer in the office, so […]

                  Miss you, Dad.

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                    Dad Fact

                    This is from about the time that I teased Dad until he threw out his food and left the room. (Now that I have a teenager, I totally get that.) Also, as ever: please enjoy Dad’s mustache, which he probably grew that morning.

                    Almost nothing grossed Dad out. I mean, you know how […]

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