Gabby and her Hair

Gabby has been getting into different hairstyles lately: she comes downstairs in the morning, and instead of her typical, “put my hair in a ponytail?” or, “Nah, I’ll just brush it,” she brings hair ties and requests: “Can we do the Skrillex?” This thrills me to no end: I love doing hair. My favorite […]

    Well, this is new.

    It’s actually even cuter than this.

    Addie J started tae kwon do about a month ago. Not because she was particularly interested in doing anything except watching Youtube videos about Minecraft, but mainly because we continue to insist that she participate in some kind of physical activity. This has resulted in many different […]

      This Cannot Be.

      Our eldest child is almost 15. Dave went to a presentation last night regarding the school district’s options for young drivers, and came home with a printout of the PowerPoint; some additional information gleaned from a Q&A; and a sort-of stunned face. I agree: how did my sweet little tiny boy become this handsome […]

        I mean, it’s true.

        Here’s Addie J’s idea of responsibility in class. We are so proud:

          Presidents Day!

          I freaking love a Monday off. I mean: who likes Mondays anyway? They’re like the end of the fun. I think we should have every Monday off, am I right?

          The girls tried to go outside in the snow, but there’s not enough snow to play in. (I invitedĀ them to go to a cardio […]

            Best Day Ever

            Addie J said to me this afternoon,

            “Mom, this has been THE MOST EPIC DAY of all time. I mean:

            We didn’t have school. We slept downstairs. We bought Valentine’s Day presents. You let Gabby and meĀ pick out new essential oils for the oil diffuser. There were chocolate samples in the store. I saw […]

              Every morning…

              Our ladder seat, in heavy rotation last year.

              The following things happen without fail each school morning. It’s like Groundhog Day over here:

              Cam showers and then gets back in bed. I then have to wake him up, about five minutes before his bus arrives. Every morning. (I also say, “Cam, why do […]

                Us Versus Super Bowl Snacks: an Unprecedented Win

                This year, we watched the Super Bowl with friends who had an absolutely massive spread. Sliders. Sloppy joes. Chicken pot pie. Brownies. Just unbelievable amounts of food; so, quite naturally, we all ate unbelievable amounts of food.

                You know how I live in a house full of easy pukers? With the exception of Dave, […]

                  Reminder to myself:

                  Early this week, I accidentally discovered something pretty appalling. (Sorry to vague it up, but I’m not interested in sticking my hand into this particular bucket of crazy. If you know me personally, though, hit me up and I’ll tell you all about it.) And it’s really been throwing me off all week: I […]

                    Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the correct one.

                    GABBY: Mom, what’s a domestic battery?

                    JULIE: Why do you ask?

                    GABBY: Well, I’m looking for something for my argumentative essay, and I read that this person was arrested. And it says “domestic battery.”

                    JULIE: Okay… well: sometimes, people who live in the same house get in fights. And when they become physical, then […]