Stupidity Level: Max.

Remember the Egyptian plane hijacking of yesterday? ….Well, did you know that the absolute most self-involved, least self-aware man in the world was on that flight? (Not even talking about the hijacker. For real.) Turns out that a British gentleman named Ben Innes, whose Instagram probably contains a photo of every meal he has ever eaten, […]

    Easter Malaise….

    I feel your pain, kid.

    Typical of my usual, “Oh yeah- better do something about that” last-minute approach to Easter– my absolute least favorite of holidays– I realized last night that I would need the following:

    Easter egg dye and eggs Plastic eggs (note to self: check the basement) Candy to fill the […]

      Jilly is here!!!!!

      Jill and her family arrived in town last night. Everything this week has now turned up to an eleven.

        Guess what?

        …..Turns out, when the test is instrumental in Cam’s procuring his driver’s permit*, he turns into a studying machine.


        *Also a side note that Dave always, always says “driver’s per-MIT” instead of “driver’s PER-mit.”And then I tease him about it, and then he rolls his eyes but he can’t fix it: he will […]

          Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

          Right? All of my extensive training in watching CSI and reading the Scarpetta books led me to this shining success moment.

          It’s gonna be a long and fun day today, my friends. I’m typing this while sitting at a kitchen table which has leprechaun footprints all over and around a sprung leprechaun trap. […]

            Just a thought…

            I think the same people who thought Sarah Palin was a refreshing and intelligent person, are the ones voting for Tump now.


              Love wins. Twice.

              I was having a cranky day recently. Nothing major- just, nothing was going my way. And then I got an email from my friend Nancy: just catching up, this is happening, that is happening- oh and I’m getting married this summer. Boom. Better day, just like that. Nancy is awesome, and her child is […]

                Cameron Trivia

                Super rough-looking shot from last New Year’s Eve. I think we had just been outside, shooting off unexpectedly huge fireworks; we both look a little shell-shocked.

                Cam had terrible, terrible allergies as a young kid. Like, the maximum sensitivity to the allergy tests is a 6. When he was first tested, the nurse brought […]

                  We interrupt your Cameron stories to bring you this text exchange….

                  ….Between Gabby and my brother, Mike. Mikey, as you know, did not live nearby until not too long ago- so while he heard a lot about Gabby and her Gabbiliciousness, it’s only recently that he has been deluged with it on the regular. Likewise, I don’t think Gabby was cognizant that she had a […]

                    Cammy and the house

                    My boys, on our trip to the East coast this Christmas break.

                    One time, when Cam was four years old, we spent the afternoon at the beautiful, recently remodeled home of a friend who (unbeknownst to Cammy, of course) was in the midst of a great deal of marital trouble. Everyone was outside, […]

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