Addie J and a New Saab

Addie J won a school spirit award last night at her tae kwon do belt testing. Her prize? A bottle of Mountain Dew. But I turned that to my advantage by allowing her to have some this morning with breakfast. This way, I’m a hero, and her teacher has to deal with a sugared-up […]

    Addie J cracks me up.

    Cam had a lacrosse tournament yesterday, and we decided at the last minute to bring the girls, too. It turned out to be a good decision, because another family brought their girls, and all the kids were able to spend the day together and it was a lot of fun. But I’m telling you about […]

      Things I’ve learned about boys.

      A team of male high school lacrosse players, while discussing their performance in a game, can get really animated. They can start yelling their points at each other, and whip themselves into a frenzy. And then one of them will calmly request that someone calm down, using a phrase that is inappropriate to use […]

        This actually happened (I think):

        Last night, I was having a rather intense discussion with one of my children. No one was yelling or anything- but it wasn’t going anywhere: the child in question was too busy providing reasons why this was not their responsibility to hear what I was saying. If you are a parent, then you’ve been […]

          Driver’s Ed

          [Note: I wondered about the apostrophe in “Driver’s Ed.” When I looked it up I could not find a consensus. My state actually calls it Driver Education which I clearly cannot do. I’m accepting opinions on this matter.]

          Cam has his learner’s permit. He is driving my beloved Saab around. He is doing fine. […]

            Addie J, the Sociologist

            ADDIE J: Mom, who’s your favorite kid?

            JULIE: I don’t have a favorite.

            ADDIE J: No, come on. Who is it?

            JULIE: When each one of you was born, a whole universe of love opened up in my heart that belonged only to you. So Cam has his own universe of love, and Gabby […]

              Oh no. Gabby has discovered astrology.

              Of course she wants to be a Leo. Check out her sign.

              So yesterday, Gabby spent a large portion of her day checking out astrological charts and reporting when they made sense and when they did not. Gabby is a Leo, so this was immensely fun for her. Basically, all of the information […]

                A couple of stories.

                You already know, I think, that I have a chronic case of Resting Bitch Face (or as I like to call this apparently totally offensive phenomenon, “my face”). I am therefore especially susceptible to that comment that some men make to women: “Smile! It’s not that bad!” The takeaway here is, what? That because I […]

                  What does a migraine feel like?

                  I still remember my first migraine. I was in sixth grade, and it started after colliding with another girl on the playground in the morning. My head was still ringing and my vision was still blurred about an hour later at lunch. Later that afternoon, I threw up and fell asleep, and woke up feeling […]

                    Things a parent has to say, Part A Million…

                    “Addie, that is a word that means ‘rooster.’ And please stop saying it. Say rooster.”

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