Memorial Day Weekend Bullets

Garden planting: vegetable-2, general landscaping- approx 1 million Spring cleaning: 1/2 way to completion Lacrosse events: 1 (win) Dance performances: 1 (“Is that your daughter? …She’s really good. She’s the best dancer on that stage.”) Dance competitions: 1 (“Thanks for playing.” ) Carnivals: 1 Movies as a family: 1 (Zoolander 2, don’t judge) Family […]


    I just want to say that, even though I am an academic professional (and one of the courses I teach does, in fact, teach study skills): I do not enjoy helping my kids study for finals. Here’s a list of things I would rather be doing:

    Cleaning the house Washing the car Getting stung […]

      Texting and Rock Faces

      I currently have Gabby’s phone, because middle school growing pains reasons, and we are in the midst of negotiating the return of the phone– together with strict texting limits for the summer. Gabby is part of several group texts, which have basically been running since the start of the school year, in continuously updated […]

        I have the following issues with my kids’ outfits today:

        One of them is wearing sweatpants (side note: “I can’t wear jeans anymore, Mom. I just can’t go back to that”) which are about three frayed threads away from disintegrating like a magic trick. One of them is wearing so many clashing colors and patterns that I almost had a seizure. One of them […]

          Different. And still the same. (And possibly just happy that summer is coming.)

          On Facebook yesterday, Jill shared a photo of our kids taken in 2009. Addie J was 3 years old and the tiniest little slip of a thing. Gabby looked like a smaller version of herself, and Cam was 8 years old– all cheeks and rounded limbs.

          I was booking a portrait session for the […]

            A Random Thought…..

            Why is it that, at Addie J’s tae kwon do sparring classes, I feel like I’m the only parent who is just watching lightheartedly, without being invested in the outcome?

            This is what I thought it would be:


            This, however, is how it is:


              Thank You, Baby Jesus, for Fourth Grade Teachers.

              I sent Addie J’s teacher a message yesterday, to thank her for helping Addie with shades of meaning in their reading assignment. Apparently fourth grade is the year you learn the difference between a strip MALL and a strip CLUB. (My child did not know the difference. Also, my child knew what a strip club […]

                Belated Mother’s Day Love

                I’m late, because I spent the weekend out of town with my girls. Gabby was competing this weekend (she’s interesting: she won a ribbon, a medal, and a trophy- but none of those competitions are the ones she cares about, so she’s still disappointed), and so we made a girls’ weekend out of it. […]

                  Happy Mother’s Day!

                  [Note: or is it Mothers’ Day? Anyone?]

                  As usual, my Mother’s Day will be filled with kid activities (lacrosse tournaments, dance competitions), which does me just fine. I am so fortunate to actually have given birth to the most awesome three kids ever created, so I don’t need to set aside a day to […]