Missing Gabbilicious

Gabby’s approach to life

Cam brought his friend on our recent trip to see my sister. When we came back, we stood in our driveway while Hunter told his dad that he had been invited back next summer. “We’ll see, buddy,” said his dad. “This week without you was tough.” I thought, oh, […]

    Addie J

    The J is quite literal. If you say, for example, “That’s as clean as a whistle,” she’ll reply, “Whistles aren’t clean. They have spit on them.” If Dave is around, he usually replies with this:

    This morning, “America’s Sweetheart” was playing and Addie put down her real spoon. “Mom, I’ve put a […]


      We have been traveling, as I’m sure you guessed. Cam had an out-of-state tournament and then we went on to visit my sister for a week. Here is a list of stuff that happened, in no particular order:

      Addie J turned 10 years old. (What???) Continuing my grand tradition of always forgetting something, I […]

        Happy birthday, Gravy!

        Dave had to leave the house at 4:30 this morning to be at a job site. It’s his birthday today, so that triple-sucks. My girls had this covered, though. Look:


        Those are a series of birthday notes (where’s Cam, you’re wondering. Well, last night was his lacrosse team banquet, at which he […]

          Love is love.

          Love cannot be frightened away. It cannot be bullied out of existence. It cannot be killed. No matter what ignorance and hatred drives a person to do, love will remain untouched. Love always wins.

          Can we please, please, have a useful dialogue now, about banning assault weapons like the AR-15? I see no use […]

            GABBY: Mom, so we were all talking.

            JULIE: Oh, no.

            GABBY: Stop it. We were talking about what I should get for my birthday.

            JULIE: ….Okay….

            GABBY: And so obviously I want a fancy corn snake.


            GABBY: And we were talking about what to name it, and we couldn’t come up with any […]

              How is this happening?

              Here is my favorite photo from the first time Gabby and I ran a Color Run together, in 2014:

              Gabby’s philosophy of life, captured in a photograph.

              And here we are this year. Same unhesitating joy from Gabby– only, when did she get this big??

              She asked me to put her on […]

                A few weeks ago I met up with someone I don’t see very often, whom I respect a great deal. This person told me a couple of stories about issues in his workplace. Although I value his opinion highly, I was struck at the time by the similarities in his stories: in both cases, […]

                  Thursday Bullets

                  I created the annual Summer Task List this week. Each kid has a few daily tasks of his or her own, plus they collectively have three household tasks to complete each day. I also gave them four major jobs to complete at some time this summer. As every year, they somehow cannot BELIEVE […]