I bet this didn’t happen to any males yesterday.

I left a voicemail for a gentleman yesterday. When he called back, he began with, “You know, you spoke very quickly in your voicemail. You need to slow down when you leave messages for people, young lady. It’s important.” …That’s right: before discussing our business, this gentleman told me that the speed of my speaking cadence should better align with his preferences. […]

    Adventures in Parenting

    JULIE: Good night.

    KID: Mom- before I go to bed, there are two things I want to talk to you about.

    JULIE: Okay?

    KID: Number one: I have questions about faith versus science, and I’m not sure what I believe or even how to believe in both at the same time? ….And number two: […]

      Bullet point Thursday

      Last night I got TWO, not one but TWO, “You got its” from the yoga instructor. To be fair: Amy wasn’t there today to be his favorite beloved– but a teacher’s pet wannabe will take any edge she can get. (Also: as a result of my extra-hard work last night, this morning I […]

        Head of the class

        Mom and I started going to a yoga class this summer. I haven’t taken a yoga class in years and Mom had never taken a class, so it’s been fun for both of us. Now, you should know this about me: if I am in a class situation– any class situation– I expect to be […]

          A thought on parenting

          This is something that’s been sort of swirling around in my head for a month or so now, and in a larger sense for a couple of years: being a parent is about putting in the time. As sweet as he was and as much as we loved him, Cam was a challenging and […]


            My intention, on August 8, 2003, had been to pass my weekly NST and go back to the office. Instead, after thirty minutes or so, the resident came into the room and said, “You have a beautiful contraction pattern. We’ve called for a wheelchair to take you to Labor and Delivery.” After twelve hours of […]

              Gabby the Style Consultant

              Dave was showing the girls a bunch of photos from my childhood, from my early twenties, etc. Here are some assorted comments made by Gabby: “Ohhhhh, Mom, now THAT’S a style!” “Is- is that whole thing one person’s hair?” “You really had a lot of turtlenecks back in the day.” “What did people […]