Gabby is graduating eighth grade.

This is from Gabby’s preschool graduation. She still makes that exact face when she’s plotting something.

Gabby saw that photo while I was typing. About ten minutes later, she texted me this.













Next week, Gabby will graduate and move up to […]

    It’s not the Stanley Cup.

    Cam was refereeing youth lacrosse games all day yesterday. He’s learning a lot from this experience, I think- sometimes all goes well and it’s a civilized game, and other times it doesn’t go as well and he has to deal with angry players or coaches or parents. He gets the opportunity to develop his already-impressive […]

      Happy Mother’s Day!


      We have had a busy weekend! On Friday we celebrated my niece Emily’s 21st birthday- but not too late into the night, because we left the house at 5:30am the next morning for Cameron’s lacrosse tournament. Which his team won with ease- the championship game score was 10-1. Dave and I attended a work […]