Monday Afternoon

CAM [wandering into the kitchen]: What can I eat really fast, before Homecoming Olympics?

GABBY: First you have to tell me what ‘francophone’ means. Is that French?

CAM [looking through the fridge]: Maybe I’ll just have some cereal…. so, ‘francophone’ is an English word. It means “French speaking.”

JULIE: So guess what the word […]

    Shopping with Gabby

    Cammy has attended a couple of high school dances. It’s easy as pie: I take him shopping a week or so beforehand, he quickly finds pants (black) and a shirt (black) and a tie (color dependent on the date). Easy as can be. Not so with Gabby; this year she is actually going to […]


      I started my new job as a full-time faculty member a few weeks ago. I’ve been busy- in all the best ways. It’s been great. And in the meantime, here’s what’s happening in the rest of my house:

      Cammy, for whom jobs keep falling into his lap, has scored yet another awesome job. He’s […]