Happy birthday Cameron!

This beautiful boy turns 17 today and I cannot believe it. I am not a parent who longs for the infant stage to return, or to go back to the toddler stage- to ask for that would be to negate all that my son has become since then (it would also […]

    Wednesday Morning Dance Party

    [Cam’s car needs some attention, so Julie is driving Cam and Gabby to school. Julie turns on the 90s JAMS channel.]

    JULIE: Yeah!!!!!! Wednesday morning dance party!!!!



    CAM: I don’t even listen to the radio. I only listen to Spotify, Mom…. Mom?

    GABBY: …Mom, this is too loud.

    JULIE: Nineties jams!!!!!!!

    GABBY: […]

      The Egg-celerator

      Once upon a time I thought that my days of making crazy crap for the kids’ school projects were coming to a close, hahahahahahaha. Cam came home this week, needing to create a device that could safely hold a raw egg when dropped from a distance of 15 feet. After lots of wild ideas including […]

        Six Years.

        Love you, and miss you always.

        Six years ago today- an eternity and an instant- my beloved and wonderful dad won peace in his battle with cancer. I think about him every day. We talk about him every day. My mom and my siblings and I are on a group text, where for […]

          Happy 2018!

          I survived my first semester in my new position- and even thrived. You guys, I LOVE IT. This position was tailor made for my skill set, and I don’t mind at all that I was so busy for an entire semester that I did nothing but work, drive carpool, and go to yoga.

          Especially […]