Conversations With Gabby

GABBY: Oh, hey Mom:

JULIE: Oh, hey what?

GABBY: Did you see this? [leads me to her bulletin board, where some greenish-brown shard, encased in tape, is pinned to the corner.] This is my frog toe.

JULIE: Wait… what?

GABBY: So remember when we dissected frogs? And it was awesome and so interesting? -And Madison almost threw up, so she couldn’t dissect hers, so I got to dissect two?

JULIE: Yeah…..

GABBY: Well, I heard that you should keep the head of your frog, to commemorate the first time you dissect a frog (even though this was my first AND second times)…

JULIE: [sigh]

GABBY: ….And obviously I’m not going to do that. But one of my frogs had eggs, so I was going to save the eggs because that would be boss. Wouldn’t that be boss?


GABBY: But they said we couldn’t take any of the frog home! But then one of the frog toes was off. So I thought, well, they won’t notice just a toe, and so I took a toe home with me.


GABBY: And this is my toe. To commemorate the first AND second time I dissected a frog WHICH WAS AMAZING. What do you think?

JULIE: I DO think it’s boss. Also I am so, so, SO glad it isn’t eggs.

[Want to see something utterly hilarious? Here’s a short video of Gabby, blowing out her lips like a horse in slow motion. My favorite part is that irresistible giggle at the end.]


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