Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Empty. Something’s wrong, here.

Today, I have an Irish dancer and a little leprechaun, and a teenager who said, “Mom, you’re not gonna get a picture out of me this morning.” I’ll give a midterm, and head to (yet another) Irish pub, and have (yet another) Guinness while I watch my dancer entertain the slightly boozy masses. And I’ll toast to my dad– who, despite being mostly Italian, loved Ireland and his Irish wife, and who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like a boss every year. I’m sure that, now that he’s been reunited with his brother and his uncles,¬†even St. Patrick is like, “Who are these Italians, getting up to all these Irish shenanigans today?”

May the road rise to meet you, Dad, and until we meet again, I’ll have a Guinness in your honor. (Maybe more than one– you know, just to make sure.)

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