Fish Are Good at Card Games

queensWe have friends who established a lovely tradition of sending St. Patrick’s Day gifts to the kids. This year, among the treasures, was a card game called Sleeping Queens* which the kids and I have been playing pretty much nonstop. I was in Gabby’s room yesterday, when Addie J went into her room and closed the door. Unusual. I heard her voice a couple of times, and assumed she was in there adoring herself out loud. Which is fine by me: I just like it even better when I get to witness her doing it.

When she came out I said, “Hi! What were you doing?” Addie J replied, “Oh, I was playing Sleeping Queens with Fishie [note: Fishie is her giant stuffed fish]. Fishie won two times in a row! Even when I shuffled the deck, Fishie still won! He’s really good at this game!”

To recap: Addie J lost two games of Sleeping Queens to a stuffed fish.


**The second I saw the title of this game, I took a photo of it for my friends Dave and Jimmy.


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