Tuesday Bullets

  • Apropos of nothing: if you intend to live a life of crime, and are hoping to get away with it, then maybe hold off on the facial tattoos.
  • Spring is in that mode where it’s still fairly chilly in the mornings, so I’m never quite sure if I can wear open-toed shoes. These are things that occupy my thoughts. Possibly related: I went with the open-toed shoes this morning.
  • Addie J seems to have another tooth on its way out; if you recall, the last time one of my kids lost a tooth, I forgot all about it until I found an angry note under the pillow, reading, “Number of days that this tooth has been here: 3.” And a picture of a very mad Gabby-face. Let’s hope the tooth fairy is more on the ball when this one comes out.
  • Speaking of Gabby and her artwork: she’s been sketching ideas for new Irish dance costumes. So far she’s come up with a vine motif, a tiger stripe motif, and a blue jay theme. I suggested a fleur-de-lis theme in honor of her long-suffering mother New Orleans, but she politely declined. Also, DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH THIS IS GOING TO COST ME WE ARE NOT MAKING HER INTO A BLUE JAY.
  • I mentioned this on my Facebook wall the other day, but: we were walking the dog and Addie J asked why I don’t let the dog pee on anyone’s fence. I said, “I don’t think he needs to pee on anything man-made.” We walked a few more steps and she replied, “I don’t like that it’s called ‘man-made.’ I think they should call it ‘human-made.’ ” And my heart, it grew three sizes.

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