Tiger Moms Unite!

A couple of people have been posting links to this snippet about a study, done at the University of Exeter. The gist is that girls with moms described as “pushy” tend to be more successful.

Um, DUH.

I will never, ever, ever understand that parental attitude of “As long as you pass the class” or, “It’s not my kid’s fault, it was peer pressure” or “We try to let our children decide what they want to accomplish in school.” My experience has been that people tend to rise to the expectations which are set for them– whether we’re talking about your boss assigning you to a project, or your dad telling you that it’s your responsibility to mow the lawn [N.B.: Dave would never relinquish care of the lawn to me or to any of the kids. The lawn is his beloved], so I set high expectations for my children. I have zero patience for the idea that we should expect the status quo from our kids. Of course they won’t be wildly successful at everything– but why not give everything your best shot, and find out how far you can get? We tell the kids to shoot for their personal best, not their personal average. They are better than that.

Some day, I want them to be happy, fulfilled people who are doing what they love, and doing it to the best of their abilities. Which, coincidentally, is the exact thing that I want for them today. And I cannot for my LIFE understand how that somehow became known as “pushy.”


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