Save me from myself.

I have discovered that there is a hotter pepper than the ghost pepper. It’s called the Carolina reaper.  It’s, like, a 1.5 million on the Scoville scale. I discovered it when Cammy showed me a video of two guys eating one, and then wandering around in pain and confusion for ten minutes. Then  I read this article about a guy from Bon Appetit, who tried three at once and thought he was dying.

I read this, and I thought to myself, Hmmmmm: doesn’t sound so bad.

This is my downfall: I love hot peppers, and I love heat, and I am immensely susceptible to food dares. When we are in NOLA and go to the hot sauce shop, I always look at the sauces which are under lock and key, and require you to sign a release, and I want to try them. So Cam and I watched this video, and then I read the piece linked above, and now I just want to eat a Carolina reaper and find out whether they’re any good.

Please don’t send me any. I would definitely eat them, and then I would wind up on a list like this.


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    • Cameron

      Anyone reading… Please, for the love of god, send us 2 Carolina Reapers. I viewed the link, and… In all honesty, I want to try these. So, please send 2 Carolina Reapers by mail. (On a side note, I would like to say that I watch these guys do dumb ((insert swear of your choice)) every week, and they were in more pain swimming. They showed no signs of physical damage. I cannot speak on behalf of their emotional state, but it seemed pretty negatively effected.)

    • […] into my room, where I was waiting to see his reaction. “Hey Mom?” he said. “If anyone really sent us Carolina Reapers, would you make a video eating them with me? And we could post it on the […]

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