Cam Found Me.

Last night, Cam was on his laptop and he said, “Hey Mom! You write a LOT!”

There it was: my blog. On my kid’s screen. While I haven’t kept the blog a secret from the kids– in fact, I intend it mainly for them, so that they know how much they have always been loved– to my knowledge, none of them has ever sought it out and read it. Until last night. “I started with the Lacrosse tag, but there were only a few,” Cam explained. “Then I read a little about Papa. Now I’m checking out the Cameron tag.”

I walked out, and I waited and wondered. I try to maintain their privacy, meaning that I never write about anything that I think they would not want others to know. But how am I doing? What if Cam was embarrassed by some of the stories from when he was a little boy? What if my idea of privacy and his idea of privacy are different? Worst of all: would he read all my musings about being the mother of these three kids– the brightest lights in my life– and just not care?

I got my answer about twenty minutes later. Cam drifted into my room, where I was waiting to see his reaction. “Hey Mom?” he said. “If anyone really sent us Carolina Reapers, would you make a video eating them with me? And we could post it on the blog?”


And that’s Cameron’s reaction to the blog.

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