It never occurred to me that I would regularly visit Virginia.

boothReally. If you asked me where I thought I might be a regular visitor, I would tell you New Orleans for sure (which is true). I would say my husband’s hometown (also true). It is possible that I might have anticipated all the day-trip overnights we do, for lacrosse and dance. But I don’t think I would have ever said, “I bet I’ll spend a significant amount of time visiting Virginia.”

Yet here we are. With Jill’s family relocated, I find myself, improbably, in a lovely area of Virginia on a regular basis. Jill wisely and immediately built her group there, and now one of my favorite things about seeing Jill is that I also get to visit her girlfriends– a group of women whom I have nicknamed the Virginia Peaches (I know. But it’s too late now). So I get to see Jilly and all the Peaches, Jill’s husband and my nieces: my nieces have grown a tiny bit more each time I see them. They are so beautiful and getting so old, and seeing them is a powerful reminder: these girls will grow up and away from you if you let that happen. Don’t let that happen. 

Here is a photo strip of us last weekend, with a beautiful Virginia bride, at a beautiful Virginia wedding. Which we crashed. With incredible, fun, everyone-hugged-us-when-we-left success. Sometimes, when you find yourself in a place you never anticipated– making sure you don’t let the people you love get away from you– really great memories can result. In the most unanticipated ways.


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