Wednesday Bullet Blog

Over the past six days, we have:

  • attended a cookout
  • hosted a cookout
  • had lacrosse and dance practice
  • gone to a carnival
  • attended Gabby’s performance AND her competition
  • bought and planted a million more things in the yard
  • visited my dad
  • had kind of a big interview (that one is me)
  • put carpet in the basement
  • started a bathroom renovation

…And this entire time, I have had THE WORST FREAKING SINUS INFECTION IN THE WORLD. Patient Zero was this woman on the plane last week, who was coughing and hacking so much that the man next to me was holding up his newspaper, as if to block her germs (you’re in a sealed metal tube, my friend. You’ve been infected). You know what a baby I am about these things, so of course I’ve convinced myself that I shall surely die. But! Not before I watch my son cross the stage for graduation. I read through the writing project for which Dave and I wrote him letters, and in it he writes that his family has always been important to him. He writes, “I feel safe and loved.” And I will take that sentence as one of my greatest life achievements: what is the most important thing you have done with your life?

-I made my child feel safe and loved.



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