Graduation Day

Somehow, this infant:

5 weeks

I mean, just look at the hair. Also the “So far, I am not impressed” expression.



Became this little boy:


This was his Halloween costume. How irresistible is this kid?

And then this big kid:

bday boy

At Uncle Sam’s wedding. I have cropped out Sam’s friend, a total stranger to Cam until that day– with whom Cammy made friends and hung out all night long. Typical Cammy: always the life of any party.

And this morning, I showed him how to tie a tie because, as he said, “You can’t tie all my ties for me forever, Mom.” (I tried to teach him how to make a classy tie dimple; gotta learn to walk before we can fly, though.) This is the young man who is graduating with straight As; who will be taking honors courses as a freshman; who has started every single lacrosse game this season; who is a genuinely kind and friendly person; and in whom I am insanely proud:


He’s still irresistible. He’s still and always my beautiful boy.



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    • Karen

      Amazing…Amazing that he graduates from 8th grade today and that he is just so damn amazing. He’s a GREAT egg, Julie! You and Dave SHOULD be this proud. He’s a wonderful, polite, polished kid. Congratulations, CAM!!

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