Awesome Parents, Scrunchies, and a Tesla

This evening, I was putting up Gabby’s hair for her (in a scrunchie, which she and I both wear to bed because they are so freaking comfortable. My college students started wearing scrunchies this past year, and assure me that scrunchies are back. I’m afraid to believe that this is true, but I want it to be true so much) and she said, “Mom, I’m writing a speech in my head.” Figures. I said, “About what?” And she replied, “Awesome parents.”

She should have asked me for something huge, right then. Dave would come home from buying running shoes with Cam, and I’d be like, “Good news!!! Gabby thinks we’re awesome! Also, I spent the tax return on a Tesla for Gabby.”

Here’s one┬ámore photo of Cam, on his graduation, with Dave and me. Just because you can actually see the pride emanating from the two of us. (The two of us AWESOME PARENTS, I mean.) Enjoy!


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