Gabby and the Awards

Gabby received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence (or words to that effect) today. I’m really, really proud of her for her accomplishments- evidently, later today she’ll be winning some kind of Elite Award for P.E. as well (I’m less versed on that one) and she’s expecting to have won one of their class Olympic competitions held yesterday (UPDATE: it was the javelin throw. The JAVELIN THROW). They were told to dress up but Gabby hates to look nice ever, so we had a long and complex negotiation over what she would wear to accept her award. One of Gabby’s nonnegotiable clauses was that she be allowed to bring something else to change into immediately after the award ceremony. Please note that, in the end, she wore a vest over a t-shirt and a miniskirt– that’s the outfit she couldn’t bear to wear for longer than an hour. A t-shirt and a miniskirt.

I’m telling you all of this as context for the following information: as the students’ names were called today, the school played a short clip, where each student introduced themselves and then told us their favorite subject; or gave advice to upcoming sixth graders; or let us know which sports they played. In Gabby’s video, she told us that she’s “awesome” and that, if she had a magic wish, she would wish for her very own dragon.

This is what I’m dealing with, my friends. This is the overachieving hot mess that is my daughter.

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