Gabby is “bossome.”

Gabby and I had such fun at a rainy Color Run this morning. At her request, we tricked ourselves out with tutus and socks and tattoos this year; the rain that hit us midrun actually made her day rather than ruining it. She jumped in puddles, slapped five with everyone she passed, and generally gloried in being out in the rain. She repeatedly told me, grinning ear to ear, “This is GREAT!!”

Because this year is the Shine Tour, there was glitter. And my Lord, was there ever… here is a photo¬†of the shoes Gabby and I wore:


Don’t those shoes look like they are the same silver-grey color?



And here is what those shoes looked like, just before we started the run:


Surprise! My shoes are turquoise. Or, rather, they were: now they sit on my front porch, thoroughly (perhaps permanently) chromed.



Dave’s car was a craft project crime scene. Glitter was literally falling off us both the entire ride home; despite the two towels each I had spread over the car seats, it took us a good 45 minutes to clean up the car AND STILL there is glitter to be found. I have a sneaking suspicion that Gabby was right: it might have been easier to just get a new car. Afterward, Gabby posted a photo of herself to my Facebook wall, telling everyone she was “bossome.” (Combination of ‘boss’ and ‘awesome’ if you couldn’t work that out.) Then she asked me to make a lifetime deal with her– to always do the Color Run together, no matter what.

You got it, awesome kid.


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