Fashion, Baby.

Addie has become a bit of a fashionista, and she approaches it kind of lottery-ball style. She goes into her closet or her drawers, pulls out super-random pieces, and puts them together. Gabby used to do the same thing. I have a firm rule that, unless it’s inappropriate in some way or will otherwise make the kids look bad, I let them wear whatever they want– so my kids have tooled around in some doozies for sure.

Addie has upped the ante: she has begun picking out outfits for me to wear. She goes through my closet and drawers and sets out complete (-ly insane) outfits– shoes, accessories, and all. She even uses my give-them-two-choices trick against me: we were packing for our Friday overnight, and Addie said, “Mom, you can wear this or this.” My options were: a spandex tank and blue sweater on one side, a long-sleeved tattoo-style tshirt (which, in retrospect, I don’t need to own anymore) on the other. Workout pants for either shirt. Then I had the choice of turquoise wedges or black cage heels.. and scarves to finish each look. Because I was in a hurry, I successfully avoided choosing. I simply packed my own clothes, but told her I would wear any scarf she chose from my collection. I thought this would mollify her.

When we came home on Saturday, we began preparing for her birthday party. I found a single glorious outfit on my bed, along with this note:

"Dear Mom, I really want you to wear this, so I'm begging you, Please wear this tomorrow." -JJ (PLEASE!)"

“Dear Mom, I really want you to wear this, so I’m begging you, Please wear this tomorrow.” -JJ (PLEASE!)”

And this is how it happened that, today, I wore black workout capris with chevron insets; a purple-and-blue print tank; a multicolor patterned scarf worn as a vest (thank YOU, constant invasion of Pinterest)……. and the glitter platform heels you see above. About an hour later, thanks to the suggestion by my friend Teresa, Addie added a purple fedora to complete my look. Seeing that Dave’s brother kept saying, “That is an amazing outfit,” and then chuckling, I’m pretty sure I looked rather special.

So thank you, my JJ, for loving me so much that you wanted to make me look special for your birthday party. It was my privilege and my pleasure to be your model. (Also, thank you for having me take off the heels in order to show our matching manicures. Removing the shoes definitely enhanced my overall experience.)



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