Nature is taking its course.

True-to-life depiction.

True-to-life depiction.

Guinness, after his triumphant and rather traumatizing capture of a baby rabbit in our yard last week, has had another win in his incessant guarding of our yard against all tiny animals evil invaders. Behold the text conversation I had with Gabby last night:



JULIE: See you in a few kiddo. Love you.

GABBY: KK [Here she texted a million hearts and smilies, because she’s 11]

GABBY: Oh btw guinness caught a full grown finch





Got that? Guinness freaking snatched a bird out of the air. When I got home, the kids were all in a thrilled panic– scrambling to tell me how amazing/ horrifying it was, and describing in detail every millisecond of the Animal Planet-style attack they had witnessed, and telling me how the dog pranced around the yard afterward like a gladiator, bird in mouth.

My knee is bothering me after a tough workout yesterday, so instead of running I took Guinness for a long walk early this morning. Watching him strut down the sidewalk, looking confidently around him, challenging all comers, I remembered the frightened, stressed-out dog we adopted almost three years ago, and how I used to have to pick him up and carry him home when too many leaves blew across his path. Now that little guy thinks the neighborhood is his to command. Which is great– just, you know, maybe a little less Wild Kingdom around here might be nice too.


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