I’m fighting with my right leg.

Yesterday during my run, I did something to my right hamstring. Fortunately my friend Michelle drove by while I was doing the Walk of Workout Shame, and she gave me a ride home. (Thanks, Michelle!!!!!!) Then I proceeded to let the screen door close on my right heel, taking out a good-sized chunk. I tried to wear regular shoes to work, but my heel was like “I don’t think so, Crazy Klutz–” so I wore sandals instead.

And then promptly opened a door which, unbeknownst to me, had the metal doorstop down, and scraped my toes open. Yes, on my right foot. (PS- I was texting photos of the progressing injury all night long. I’m such a baby/ attention whore when I hurt myself.)

I blame my mom. I get my grace direct from her.

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