Cameronian/ Gabriellian Idol

The kids have taken to singing at the top of their lungs at all times. It would appear that they’re training for “American Idol.” Cameron sings “Go” from one of the Acceleracers movies:

Tell a doctor/ tell a lawyer/ tell the mailman/ tell your mother

Gotta wake up/ gotta move out/ gotta shake up/ gotta break out

Can’t make a stand with your hands in your pockets

Something something cuz I’m faster than a rocket

Something something something

When I hit the ground I hit it running

GO GO GO GO!!!!!

And that is a direct quote from Cameron. All day, every day, while dancing this hilarious, I-just-touched-a-live-wire jig that requires his hands in his pockets for some reason. Gabby is more of a free spirit and coins her own lyrics:

When you do what you do-ooo-oooo

You do what you want to do-ooo-ooo

What you do, what you do, what you do, do, doooooo

Whatever you want to dooooooooo

(See a theme there?)

As she sings, she’s swooping around the room with her eyes closed, doing an interpretive dance. Meanwhile, Addison– taking a timeout from her busy day of searching for power outlets, climbing up onto rickety things and putting horrifying items into her mouth– chimes in too. She stands in the middle of the room, doing squats, nodding, and clapping furiously (all out of rhythm) until she falls down. Which, ironically, makes her not that much different from the average “American Idol” audience member.

And the funny thing is, we don’t even watch it. Gabby saw a commercial for it the other day and said, “Can we all be on that show? I want to show everyone my new dance.”

They’d get some air time, I’ll tell you that much. Probably under the credits.

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