Picture Day…

As you know, I have always allowed the kids to wear whatever they wanted, as long as it covered them appropriately. And so Addie J has pictures today. She originally wanted to wear “a business suit,” however she encountered challenges in that A. she does not own a business suit, and B. she does not have a mother willing to buy her one for the purposes of Picture Day. She was undaunted. This morning she left for school wearing jeggings [note to self: Addie has really grown this summer. This is probably the last time she should wear those jeggings] and a white t-shirt, under a boy’s black suit vest we bought as part of an Irish dance costume. Also, remember the multicolored scarf she had me wear at her birthday party? With workout gear and glitter platform heels? –She’s wearing that scarf, too. She has friendship bracelets from this summer tied around her ankles, and she had originally pulled those up over her jeggings, for maximum visibility- but I pulled rank on that one.  This morning she wondered how easy it would be to “quickly” cut her hair very short, like a boy, but fortunately she became enamored of how it looked after we blew it dry, so no scissors were involved in creating her overall style.

She looks frigging precious as can be. Who knows how this will turn out in photos- but honestly, I care way more about the spring in her step as she walked out the door this morning than I do about the pix.

Gabby is coming up in the next few weeks. In her case, it’s more about convincing her that she doesn’t have to wear Frat Boy on a Saturday Afternoon clothes every single day. I’ll keep you posted…

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