Lunchtime jokes. Help!

Cammy gets lunch at school these days (note: it’s super convenient to be able to log on to his account, check his lunch activity, and say, “Dude. You cannot survive on french fries and Uncrustables”). The girls, however, still pack lunches. And by that I mean that I pack their lunches. Yes, they absolutely could do it on their own. However, our deal is that, if they unpack and clean out their lunch bags and boxes after school and leave them out on the counter, I will pack their lunches. If they don’t, then they have to pack it themselves and they don’t like packing their own– because then they don’t get lunchtime notes.

Here’s how this began: twice a week, when the kids were very young, I would leave for the office very early in the morning. They would get upset to wake up and find me gone on those days, so I started leaving notes on the floor of their rooms. Just smiley faces and stars and hearts, and as they learned to read, simple “I love you” messages. Time went by, my career developed in other directions– and, these days, I get to be home every morning to see them off to school. However, my morning notes have turned into a beloved tradition. Cam gets his note via text, after he’s off to school: I send him a funny video, or wish him good luck on a test– or sometimes I just say, “Git it, gurrrrrl!!” –Because somehow that’s become something Cam and I say to each other. The girls’ morning notes, however, have become lunch notes.

And the lunch notes have become Jokes of the Day. Addie reads her lunchtime joke to her friends each day, and she likes to drop hints as to what kind of joke they want: “I hope tomorrow’s joke is about dogs, Mom,” she might say. “I told Zoe maybe we would have a dog joke tomorrow.” Gabby prefers puns, and– although she is quick to forget what the actual joke was on any given day– she has saved every single note I’ve ever written her. She stores them up like little pieces of love she can hold in her hand, which I suppose is what they are. (I, on the other hand, do a regular purge of lunchtime notes from her drawer. Tangible love takes up a lot of space.)

Anyway. Here’s my issue: my joke well is running dry. I really, really, REALLY need additional joke sources. I have been pulling from various online sources for awhile now, and each time I have to search further to find a joke I haven’t used yet. Where else can I find a joke that is appropriate for school-aged children?

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    • Karen

      Not sure if appropriate even with the change the wording:

      A bear and a rabbit were going poop in the woods. The bear says to the rabbit, “Do you have trouble with poop sticking to your fur?” The rabbit said, “No.”….So the bear wiped his butt with the rabbit.

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