How forgetting my anniversary turned out awesome.

anniversaryThis anniversary post is late. Actually: I forgot my anniversary entirely this year. I didn’t really think about it much leading up to the day, and then we were at Gabby’s dance competition, and I suddenly turned to Dave and said, “Oh my God, I forgot! Happy anniversary!”

Dave replied, “Oh my God, I forgot too!”

And this is awesome. Here’s why: we don’t need to celebrate the date. Isn’t that amazing and freeing? We don’t need to choose one day every year and celebrate that we are spending our lives together. I mean, is it nice to celebrate? …Sure. That’s why we just do it when we feel like it: we’ll leave 40 minutes early and have a beer before picking up Gabby. Or we’ll order pizza for the kids and go see a movie. Sometimes we just hold hands and take the dog for a walk… the point is that I know he loves me, because he shows me every day, and vice versa. So that one day every year? Becomes a lot less important in the grand scheme.

Here’s also why: I am not terribly romantic. I have no fucks to give about Sweetest Day. Ask me the date we got engaged, and I’ll tell you I know the month and the year… and then I’ll run out of steam. I keep forgetting how many years we’ve been married now, and I have to do some math (seventeen. It’s seventeen years. I’m almost positive). If Dave took any of this as a sign of how much I love him, then we’d be in big trouble. But no: my beloved replies, “I forgot too,” and he gives me a hug and then says, “….Did you get me anything?” And I say no and he says, “Good. Me neither,” and we slap each other five and go on with our life together. Sometimes we do something big. This year we each forgot. And this is our gift to each other: we’re not keeping score. We have a great life. We’re happy. No guilt trips need apply.

He is my perfect match.

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