Addie’s Thanksgiving letter

12345537_1218244871525155_4447147198465623063_nYou know how I always say that Addie is just a ray of sunshine and love? Below is the text from the J’s school Thanksgiving project. This is the light we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving is near and I have people I’m thankful for. The first person I’m thankful for is my mom, she always is there when I need her, she gets me things I really want, and she always makes my day. The next person I’m thankful for is my dad, he always makes the funniest jokes, he always smiles so then I smile but when my dad is sad I am too because I hate to see my dad sad. Another person I’m thankful for is ┬ámy brother, he is very nice and he makes me soooooooo happy, he plays every game you can think of with me he is a BOSSOME brother. The third to last person I’m thankful for is my sister, she has the most creative ideas in the world, she always shares, she always plays with me even if she does not want to play that game so she too is BOSSOME. The second to last person I’m thankful for is Grandma Jo, she lets me stay at her house if I need to or I don’t want to go to a Feis, she goes to movies with me, she comes and eats dinner with my family, and she buys me stuff. The last person I’m thankful for is my papa, before he died of cancer he made sure I was always happy even when he had cancer, he was the light of my life he was soon happy he just by sight he would make you happy, he was so great I can’t even explain every little thing I’m thankful for.

So here are some of the people I’m thankful for.

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