I’m Pouting.

[Side note: when I first typed that title, autocorrect tried to change “pouting” to “poutine.” First of all, I’m not Canadian and therefore don’t eat poutine, so what the hell, autocorrect? Secondly, one time some guy, whose name I have since forgotten, spent about twenty minutes expounding to a group about his vast multicultural culinary experience (I wish I could remember why we were all there and listening to this dude). He talked about poutine for several minutes, only he pronounced it “POON-TEEN” and I was not enough of an adult to listen to him without snorting and giggling like crazy. And now back to my story about pouting.]


Cam gets his braces off today! It’s sort of amazing to me that it took less than two years to put his teeth in order– not because his teeth were a wreck, but more because I wore braces for 3.5 years, and then retainers for I think 2 years after that. Like, I remember trying to decide whether to bring my retainers to college. He has Day Two of three days of finals today– by the way, so proud of the way he’s been structuring and working through his study time– and he winds up by getting those braces off his teeth. I dropped him off at school this morning and watched him loping into the building, and I thought, I can’t wait to see this kid later.

But I have to work this afternoon!!! When we scheduled this appointment, it was basically get the braces off today, when I absolutely cannot be there, or wait until January– because the end of the year is so busy at his orthodontist’s office. And I almost made him wait. I have been there for this entire process. I’ve taken him in, I’ve consulted with the orthodontist, I’ve picked up elastics, I’ve sat in the office and discussed X-rays– I have looked forward, almost as much as Cam, to the day we get to see his straight teeth. And now, Payoff Day is here! …..and I’ll be downtown, watching my students give final presentations. Instead, Dave gets to swoop in and be there for the big reveal, that lucky bastard.

I told both of them that I would need a photo ASAP. Dave said sure, Cam gave me a look that means “We’ll see about that.” But Dave knows how hard I’m pouting about not being there, so I know he’ll do me right.

Meanwhile, I plan to spend the afternoon alternately watching presentations and pouting like it’s my job.

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