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july 4 2011Dave and I had been together for 9 months when he asked me to marry him (side note: this worked out obviously– but it seems impossibly, unadvisedly soon for us to have taken such a big step. Yet no one in our lives said anything. Sometimes I look back, amazed that we didn’t catch more grief). The day after I got the ring, we drove to my parents’ house to tell them we had gotten engaged. When we arrived, only my dad was home and I said to him, “Look at this.” I held out my hand, with its new bling flashing in the sunlight. “Nice,” Dad said absently, and then returned to discussing a car situation with Dave.

I stood there for a second. Did he see it? Did he realize what was going on? “Um, did you see this ring?” I said again, and Dad said, “Yeah, I said, it’s nice.” And back to cars he went. “Where’s Mom?” I asked impatiently. Mom was at the neighbors’ house and I went straight over there– where everyone screamed and hugged me and congratulated me and ooohed and ahhhed over my ring. Just what I was looking for. Later on, Dad said, “You know, after you left, I thought to myself, ‘That’s a big son of a bitch just for a present. I wonder if they’re getting married–‘ but I figured you’d let us know if you were.” And that was the sum total of his reaction.

But on our wedding day, when we were dancing to “My Girl,” Dad told me, “I don’t have to worry about you, because Dave will take care of you.” And I realized: it wasn’t that it didn’t matter to him, it was more like, okay– that’s settled. Now on to this car problem. And that was always my dad: resolve one thing and move on to the next.

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    • Ann

      So 1) I think your Dad’s reaction was perfect. Priceless. 2) I remember talking with your Dad about Dave. We both laughed how it just worked and there was no drama. Not like “that other guy”. 🙂 Smiling thinking of your Dad greeting Bowie and asking him about that face paint with a beer in his hand.

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