Wednesday Dad Story

Dad at Mardi Gras, raking it in as always.

Dad at Mardi Gras, raking it in as always.

I just have one fact for you today: when I graduated from Tulane,┬ámy parents came to New Orleans to watch me walk in the ceremony, and to help me move. I had no job lined up yet in my new city and was at least slightly stressed about it. We stopped at the bookstore, to get Tulane merchandise on our way out of town. I had 2 sweatshirts in my hand and was trying to decide between the two of them. Dad wandered over and said, “Which one you getting?” I said, “I don’t know, I like them both,” to which Dad said, “Well, then you should get them both. Who knows when you’ll be back?” I responded, “Well, I don’t have a job yet, so I’m kinda worried about spending money.” And I laughed a little, nervously.

Dad scowled. “You’ll have a job in a month!” he said. “That’s stupid. Don’t think like that. I was gonna buy your sweatshirts- but now I’m not gonna. You don’t need me to buy them for you, because you can buy them for yourself. You’ll be fine. Now go buy these. Buy both of them!” And he walked away, shaking his head at my stupidity.

I bought them both. And I did have two job offers within a month.


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