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Super rough-looking shot from last New Year's Eve. I think we had just been outside, shooting off misleadingly huge fireworks.

Super rough-looking shot from last New Year’s Eve. I think we had just been outside, shooting off unexpectedly huge fireworks; we both look a little shell-shocked.

Cam had terrible, terrible allergies as a young kid. Like, the maximum sensitivity to the allergy tests is a 6. When he was first tested,┬áthe nurse brought me his results and all I saw was, “Dogwood: 6. Cat dander: 6. Bluegrass: 6. Dust mites: 6,” and on and on. It’s been a long haul, one surgery, and years of allergy shots, to get him to the much-healthier kid he is now. And when I say “years of allergy shots,” I mean that he and I traveled weekly to the doctor to sign in for shots; wait to be called; receive the shots; wait the mandated time to make sure there is no serious reaction; and travel back home. We’ve had a lot of wait time together, Cammy and me.

For awhile we played video games together. There were a few months when we would make miniature paper footballs and take turns trying to score goals (this could only be done out in the hallway when no one was walking by. Logistics eventually made this activity impossible). Occasionally, Cam would bring his homework and finish it up while he waited. But about a year or so ago, I dropped him at the door to sign in while I parked. When I got to the waiting room, Cam was all set up with his homework and his earbuds– with only one in his ear. “Here, Mom,” he said, offering me the other one. “Listen to this.”

And that’s how we started listening to stand-up during allergy shots. We like Jim Gaffigan, Fluffy Iglesias, John Pinette. A couple of weeks ago we started listening to Craig Ferguson. We each use one earbud, our heads together, and sometimes we have to stifle ourselves because we’re cracking up too loudly in the waiting room. And here’s the truth: I’m not really into stand-up. But I am, most definitely, into sharing any interest my kid wants to share with me.

Cam was recently “promoted” so that we only have to go to shots every 3 weeks. I’m almost disappointed…. and tomorrow, he’s 15.

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