Easter Malaise….

I feel your pain, kid.

Typical of my usual, “Oh yeah- better do something about that” last-minute approach to Easter– my absolute least favorite of holidays– I realized last night that I would need the following:

  • Easter egg dye and eggs
  • Plastic eggs (note to self: check the basement)
  • Candy to fill the eggs
  • The kids’ baskets (again: check basement)
  • Candy and Easter grass to fill the baskets
  • some kind of Easter gift for each kid (too bad I can’t get these from the basement)

So, you know: I am really just giving this whole list a big “whatever, man.” It makes me feel a little guilty because I really do want the kids to have special holidays– there is just something about Easter that makes me such a curmudgeon, I cannot explain it and I cannot change it. (Maybe it’s the inherently crafty quality of Easter that makes me so cranky? I am not a crafter. At ALL.) Basically, I just forge ahead and hope the kids don’t notice my lack of enthusiasm every year. I am working today, so I was thinking that maybe tomorrow I would go out and find all this junk. But someone really has to stay on me about it: if not, then I’ll probably forget and then Dave will go out and madly overcompensate for my failure to plan ahead. This is our pattern.

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    • Julie W

      I was feeling so accomplished and proud of myself because:
      1. I located all of the plastic eggs from last year
      2. I filled them all and got them to Nana’s house in 1 weekend.
      3. I found plastic feed buckets that will withstand the pounding my boys give their Easter baskets and likely be re-useable next year.
      4. I bought “grass” for said bucket/baskets

      Of course, I totally forgot that I needed to have eggs for the bunny to hide at home, and candy for those eggs, and other random crap to fill up the baskets. If I don’t do it, those baskets will be empty on Easter morning and the damn bunny will be blacklisted.

      Guess I have an appointment at Target tomorrow huh?

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