Addie J, the Sociologist

ADDIE J: Mom, who’s your favorite kid?

JULIE: I don’t have a favorite.

ADDIE J: No, come on. Who is it?

JULIE: When each one of you was born, a whole universe of love opened up in my heart that belonged only to you. So Cam has his own universe of love, and Gabby has her own universe of love, and you have your own universe of love. You can’t compare sizes of infinite universes, after all.


JULIE: So, no: I don’t have a favorite.


JULIE: Because it’s impossible to compare universes of love.


JULIE: Which you all have.

ADDIE J: That’s not what they said on the news. On the news, they said that moms have a favorite kid, and it’s usually the youngest. So it’s probably me.

I guess that’s that.

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