Belated Mother’s Day Love

I’m late, because I spent the weekend out of town with my girls. Gabby was competing this weekend (she’s interesting: she won a ribbon, a medal, and a trophy- but none of those competitions are the ones she cares about, so she’s still disappointed), and so we made a girls’ weekend out of it. Dave and Cam, by the way, went to Cammy’s lacrosse tournament where Cam’s team won third and were, generally, awesome as usual. ┬áI’m just sorry these two events happened at the same time.

Here’s the thing: I’ve told you this before, but I don’t need a day to feel special about being a mother. It is my life’s great privilege to be with these three kids, and I share the honor with my favorite person in the world– so, you know, embarrassment of riches. And yet: Gabby told me she was winning a trophy for me today. Addie has already given me her sweet, heartfelt gifts because she couldn’t wait for Sunday. Cam and Dave are out right now, getting me crab legs for dinner because they love me. I mean: this is a pretty good family I have.

So this Mother’s Day is for my mom. She was the one person, my entire childhood, in whom I had absolute confidence (I always figured Dad would defer to Mom in difficult situations). She told us relentlessly that we were equal to our brothers and our voices should be heard. She listened to me tell her that I wanted to earn a degree in entertainment, and said, “Go for it,” ┬áinstead of, “No way.”

Also, for my mother-in-law, Kathy. She raised Dave and his siblings mostly on her own. Thanks, Kath, for your eldest son. He’s great.

My sisters and sisters-in-law. I love you guys. I love your kids.

My friends. I actually don’t have any friends who haven’t taught me something about parenting. Thanks for being inspirations to me.

And everyone else. I hope your day was lovely– whether you are a mother or have a mother.


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