Different. And still the same. (And possibly just happy that summer is coming.)

On Facebook yesterday, Jill shared a photo of our kids taken in 2009. Addie J was 3 years old and the tiniest little slip of a thing. Gabby looked like a smaller version of herself, and Cam was 8 years old– all cheeks and rounded limbs.

I was booking a portrait session for the kids last night, messaging back and forth with the photographer. Cammy, now all broad shoulders and deep voice, sat at the kitchen table to tell me the story of his four goals at last night’s game (which I had seen in person. Of course, I needed to hear his play-by-play as well. Also: four goals! Nice!). Addie J had earlier snuggled up next to me to watch National Geographic. She is no longer that tiny little thing: her legs, extended next to mine, are almost as long, and this little one who could not for the life of her learn the alphabet is now doing her math homework in her head. The only one who seems bigger, but otherwise the same, is Gabby– however Gabby, I think, arrived in this world as a fully-formed tornado. As tornadoes do, she is increasing in size and power, but remaining essentially the same force of nature.

I looked up at the portraits taken just two years ago and thought, “These are so outdated.” These three kids have changed so much in that timespan. You hear a lot of lamenting how time goes by and kids grow up…. I don’t know, I find it exciting. It’s such a privilege to watch them grow and change, and move toward the adults they will become.

Orrrrrrr I’m just really excited that the school year is almost over, so no more getting up at 5:30. Honestly, it could be a little Column A, a little Column B.

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