Memorial Day Weekend Bullets

  • Garden planting:┬ávegetable-2, general landscaping- approx 1 million
  • Spring cleaning: 1/2 way to completion
  • Lacrosse events: 1 (win)
  • Dance performances: 1 (“Is that your daughter? …She’s really good. She’s the best dancer on that stage.”)
  • Dance competitions: 1 (“Thanks for playing.” )
  • Carnivals: 1
  • Movies as a family: 1 (Zoolander 2, don’t judge)
  • Family meetings to plan summer activities that are better than watching Zoolander 2: 1
  • Accidents: 1 (Addie fell off Cam’s bike pegs)
  • Number of times my toddler niece Violet screamed “NO!” so loudly that she had a coughing fit: 2
  • New kitchen table purchases: 1
  • Cars washed by the kids: 3

Not a bad start, all things considered.

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