Thursday Bullets

  • I created the annual Summer Task List this week. Each kid has a few daily tasks of his or her own, plus they collectively have three household tasks to complete each day. I also gave them four major jobs to complete at some time this summer. As every year, they somehow cannot BELIEVE it.
  • Addie J fell off Cam’s bike pegs last weekend. As an indicator of how banged up she was: I bought so many giant bandages at CVS that I got a free first aid kit. And here’s something about the J: she, the youngest and sweetest of the kids, is by far the toughest of the three when it comes to injuries.
  • Places my family is visiting this summer, for assorted reasons, includes Ohio– which is new for us. Although we’ve traveled through Ohio repeatedly, I don’t actually think I’ve ever spent the night in Ohio– which means I can move it from my States I’ve Driven Through or Had a Layover In list to my States I’ve Officially Visited list. Stubborn holdouts which don’t appear on either list now include North Dakota [side note: Mom, did we ever go to North Dakota?], Alaska, and Hawaii (I know, it’s beautiful blah blah blah. It’s just so much farther away than the Caribbean, and it’s basically the same idea, and then I lose interest). Oh– and also Vermont and Maine. Never been to either state. Should I?
  • We bought a new kitchen table set last week, and we only had the chairs until yesterday. Dave, who prefers to be the guy handling all new acquisitions, had to be at work during the receipt-and-assembly stage. He probably spent the afternoon wandering around his office, looking stressed. I’m pretty proud of him for not flipping over the table to make sure all was well when he got home. (To be fair: I wasn’t home all night, so maybe he did crawl under there later). Good news about the table: it looks really nice. Dubious news: ……do we have to use placemats and coasters now?
  • Additional summer renovation lined up this year involves painting and new flooring, plus– I’m really excited about this, so shut up– new French doors for the patio. We picked doors which have blinds within the window panes. Every time we tell ourselves that there’s no way the kids can break these, we think back to how each kid has literally broken the blinds in their rooms. Repeatedly. I have visions of broken, crooked blinds, forever trapped within the panes of our French doors. So if anyone has these: how destructible are they?
  • Julie and Dave vs. Wildlife Update: we had not one, but two birds in the garage all weekend. Also, each morning, there are a minimum of three rabbits in the back yard– alternately lounging on the patio and snacking on our landscaping.
  • It is definitely summertime!

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