Happy birthday, Gravy!

Dave had to leave the house at 4:30 this morning to be at a job site. It’s his birthday today, so that triple-sucks. My girls had this covered, though. Look:


Those are a series of birthday notes (where’s Cam, you’re wondering. Well, last night was his lacrosse team banquet, at which he won the Coach’s Award. He was invited to sleep over at a teammate’s house and he said he couldn’t, because it was his dad’s birthday. However, since I knew Dave would be out of the house so early, I told Cam to go ahead and go. Also I was proud of him for A. his award and B. unhesitatingly declining in favor of his dad), written by the girls. Well, one was written by me:

Yes, this was written on the back of a mailing from my professors' union. So romantic.

Yes, this was written on the back of a mailing from my professors’ union. So romantic.


Addie J was a little more prepared and thorough. She began with a nod to Dave’s hair:


Then she doubled down with a reference to his “ginger Hulk strength,” as the kids like to call it:

"Beware, Gravy: your inner Hulk ginger is here"

“Beware, Gravy: your inner Hulk ginger is here”

…But then she made him a gift, using his initials of D.W.D.

and when flipped over...

and when flipped over…

She finished up with the kind of note that makes you think you won the lottery:


Gabby went with a more colorful and slightly more violent approach:

Look closely. Gabby set up this particular artwork by stabbing it into the knife block. (Weirdo.)

She also made him some artwork:

And then wrote him another one of those notes that could just go right on your tombstone. “Just inscribe it ‘The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.’ I’ve got documentation to back that up:”

Pretty sweet giant Post-Its, right? From my friend Georgann, who knows how I feel about office supplies.

Pretty sweet giant Post-Its, right? From my friend Georgann.


These girls are right: we are a lucky family because of you, Dave. So very lucky to call you ours. Happy birthday to my forever best buddy.

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