We have been traveling, as I’m sure you guessed. Cam had an out-of-state tournament and then we went on to visit my sister for a week. Here is a list of stuff that happened, in no particular order:

  • Addie J turned 10 years old. (What???)
  • Continuing my grand tradition of always forgetting something, I forgot my hairbrush.
  • Is it possible for a person’s hair to get curlier over time? -Because Gabby’s hair curls up more every second.
  • Mom and Jill and I spent one gorgeous and perfect afternoon together at a winery.
  • I trapped a live bee within the hollow underside¬†of a bomber shot glass.
  • Cam brought his friend Hunter on this trip, and together they devised a game wherein you use a lacrosse stick and ball on a basketball court. It’s surprisingly fun.
  • Continuing our tradition of doing something new every time we visit, we did a rope adventure climb and why are canvas harnesses so freaking uncomfortable?
  • Jill and I were able to run together twice during this trip.
  • Seriously. Go back and read about the bee again. I feel like this achievement should be getting more coverage.

So basically, it was our usual fun and easygoing time. Now we’re back at home, regrouping a bit before the next thing. This photo of Gabby, performing¬†an Irish dance jump, is a perfect visual for what our summer has been like so far:

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