Missing Gabbilicious

Gabby's approach to life

Gabby’s approach to life

Cam brought his friend on our recent trip to see my sister. When we came back, we stood in our driveway while Hunter told his dad that he had been invited back next summer. “We’ll see, buddy,” said his dad. “This week without you was tough.” I thought, oh, how sweet, they really missed him- and that was the end of my thought process.

Gabby stayed with my sister after the rest of us left. She returns tomorrow and I cannot wait. I miss her silly jokes and her crazy-fun ideas. I miss the way we do a synchronized routine to The Three R’s by Jack Johnson at bedtime. The house sounds really silent without her infectious giggle every ten minutes. Binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no fun without her (We’re in season 5). She’s sending me hilarious texts every day– many including facts about the corn snake she is still not getting for her birthday– but I miss her beautiful sweet face and her crazy hairĀ and the fact that she eats all the fruit in the house within 36 hours of purchase. I miss the happy tornado that touched down in our family on August 8, 2003, and has only spun tighter and faster as time goes by.

I picked up Hunter for lacrosse practice tonight and said to his dad, “I totally understand what you meant about next summer.”

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