How Lacrosse Turned Me Into a Willing Spectator

We spent last weekend out of town at a lacrosse tournament. Our team won their bracket, and it was amazing– I have come to believe that lacrosse is one of the most exciting sports I have ever watched. Maybe because the game moves so fast, and is big enough to cover the entire field, and because momentum can change at any second? –“Or maybe,” you’re thinking, “because your son plays.” Fair point. However, my son also played baseball, and basketball, and soccer, and volleyball– and I never felt totally and intensely caught up in those games the way I do when watching lacrosse. Yes, even when my son is not on the field… and although I love participating in sports, I have never loved being a spectator until Cam discovered lacrosse for all of us. Our family’s life is richer for the experience of attending these out-of-town tournaments: hanging out at the hotel with the other players’ families, cheering on our boys from the sidelines, and watching what they work to accomplish together. All the parenting experts say that it’s important to tell your kids that you love to watch them pursue their chosen activities, and so I do tell my kids that. With lacrosse, it is especially true: I love that Cammy’s love of lacrosse has transformed him into a sprinting machine. I love all the lacrosse gear all over the house and permanently set up in the back yard. I love the life lessons about teamwork. I love the friends he has made, and above everything else: I really, really, really love to watch Cam play.

Cam is spending this week across the country from us, attending lacrosse camp. I’m so excited for him and proud of him. However….if you’ll remember, recently Gabby spent a week across the country at my sister’s house and I barely survived that. Therefore I fully expect to spend this entire week like this:

I’m going to be terrible at dealing with them going away to college.


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