How Gabby handles Dave.

[Background info: earlier this week, Gabby left a Post-It note that she had an after-school activity and needed a pickup. Dave read her the riot act about not planning ahead. I wasn’t home to witness, but from what I heard later, it was apparently quite the riot.]

GABBY: Mom, when Dad gets off the phone, can you please tell him I have student council today?

JULIE: …Okay…

GABBY: So he has to pick me up at 3:45?

JULIE: …Okaaaaaaay….

GABBY: Oh! No, he already knows. He asked me to remind him, that’s all.

JULIE: Oh. Okay, then.

GABBY: Don’t worry. It’s not like I’m asking you to tame the beast or anything. I already tamed him.

This is who we’re dealing with, folks. This is Peak Gabby right here.


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