GABBY: Hey Mom: do you ever run readiness drills in your classes?

JULIE: What do you mean?

GABBY: Well, I was thinking. Like our teachers ask us to think about what we would do in different situations.

JULIE: Oh. Not really. Why?

GABBY: Well, because like I was thinking, one of the things they ask us is, what would you do if your teacher got hurt by someone?

JULIE: …..Okay…..

GABBY: And I was thinking, what would you say if you asked that question, and one of your students said, “I would avenge you”?

JULIE: …..I would say, “Thank you, that is correct.”

GABBY: That’s awesome. Okayseeyabye!!!!!!! [flounces off as though she’sĀ settled an important matter]

It’s a strange new world our children are living in. Thank God they have a sense of humor about it.


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