Here are the things I am grateful for, as I sit in my kitchen on Thanksgiving morning:

  • That the dog no longer requires me to go outside and walk him first thing, but has figured it it’s best for us all if he just pees in the back yard.
  • Coffee.
  • A husband who both gets my clever literary-reference jokes AND can explain sports rules to me.
  • That Thanksgiving takes place at the START of the holiday weekend, not the end (looking at you, Easter).
  • I recently discovered that treasure trove of gifs in my text menu.
  • Addie J, after making her oddly gritty “test pie” on Sunday, choose to make a different pie for today.
  • It isn’t raining, so I can go for my Thanksgiving morning run in peace.
  • We aren’t eating until later in the afternoon, so I don’t have to go for my Thanksgiving run right this second.
  • My three children who are happy, healthy, and usually keep the smart remarks to a minimum.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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