Life With Gabby

22-118 Himalayan Salt Big.jpg

This is the exact jar. It still contains salt.

GABBY: Hey Mom:


GABBY: Can I have that jar that the pink salt is in?

JULIE: What do you need it for?

GABBY: I’ll find something appropriateĀ to put the salt in?

JULIE: ….Um, before I address that idea: what do you need the jar for?

GABBY [casually]: Oh, I have some animal bones in my room.


GABBY: I have a bird skull– remember the bird skull I found?– and I have a rabbit’s foot with some fur still on it, and I have some bones from when we dissected the owl pellets in class. They’re in a Ziploc, wrapped in a paper towel, but I’d like to put them in this jar like specimens.



JULIE: ……No.

GABBY: …..Are you going to write about this?

JULIE: …..No.

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