Looking at Dad

The kids are all getting their bedrooms redone for Christmas, so we started the process by having them clean out their closets and dressers. This is a horrifying ordeal and, if I had to choose between this and our drive home with Dave needing to vomit every 50 miles… well, I’d really have to consider my options.

I was in Cammy’s closet and I found an old photo of my parents with the kids at Mardi Gras; I’m going to say it was probably 2008. Addie looked cute– you guys, she was seriously the cutest– however Gabby looked like she had to pee, and Cam was awkwardly trying to pose with a plastic alligator. It wasn’t their best look to say the least. I took a pic of the pic and texted it to Jill.

Her response? “Awwww.” I laughed out loud when it came through. I replied, “Are you serious? Look at C and G. They look like dorks here.” And Jill texted back, “I was looking at Dad.”

Here’s another great pic of Dad, taken that same year:

Dad at Mardi Gras, raking it in as always.

Dad at Mardi Gras, raking it in as always.

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